Bettona, our cosy little village

Bettona stands out for its splendid position on an eternally green-coloured hill, as the leaves of the olive trees that cover its declivity.


Following the route that skirts the ancient walls is like overlooking a balcony and embrace with a glance the Umbrian plain, the cities that surround it (Perugia, Assisi, Spello just to quote the most famous) and the distant mountains that dominate it in semicircle.


Thanks to its location Bettona has an optimal climate with an average yearly temperature about 13°C with min of 1°C in January and max of 24°C in July, the maximum rainfall it’s in October-November and the main winds are westerly breeze and north wind.

The fountain in the main square
The fountain in the main square


Without any doubt the origins of Bettona are Umbrian-Etruscan, as attested by scholars, numerous archeological finds on its territory and the well-preserved medieval walls, based in many parts on the original.


The important Amerina way passed in Bettona, one of the most frequented roads to the North.


Over the centuries Bettona experienced many dominations: it passed under the Bizantine rule and then under the Longobard Duchy of Spoleto, from the subjection to the Empire to the Roman Church one. 

The "Pinacoteca" building on Cavour Square
The "Pinacoteca" building on Cavour Square

Umbria, a region to explore

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