Bed & Book

Bed & Book is a new service offered by Casa Foresti to its guests. 

After visiting the most typical and charming spots of Umbria, after tasting the precious wines and products of our land, you can enjoy some relax by... reading a book of course, what’s more relaxing?


If you want, you can order for your holiday one of the books from the "International Library of Saved Books" of Bettona, containing literature available in various languages.

Check the online catalogue here:

and if you find anything you like, send us an email and you'll find your book on your bedside table.



The librarie "Internazionale" in Bettona
The librarie "Internazionale" in Bettona


The "Libraries of Saved Books"

is a project by the association INTRA Umbria

INTRA collects books that others don’t want anymore or can’t store anymore in their houses, heritages, dismissed public and private libraries… books destined to dispertion or destruction. With these books, thematic libraries are opened in small centers of Umbria, managed by INTRA volunteers.

In a few years, more than 40 libraries have opened with a heritage of over 40.000 books. All these libraries are then used as centers for social aggregation for inhabitants and information points for Italian and foreign visitors.